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Baby Strange: band profile

Baby Strange by Roxy Gillespie

Baby Strange have come a long way since I saw them give a stunning performance to eight people as a support band. Their following in their native Glasgow is fierce and the band’s material goes from strength to strength. With the recent release of their first album, ‘Want It, Need It‘. the Glasgow trio have cemented their place at the forefront of the current punk/indie scene.

Baby Strange consist of Johnny Madden on guitar and vocals, Connaire McCann on drums and Aiden McCann on bass. There is a moodiness about their music. It can be stark and brutal, as on ‘Want It, Need It‘ or fatally charming on tracks like ‘VVV‘. Johnny Madden has a deep, dark vocal style perfect for the music he and the McCann brothers produce. Sometimes their sound verges on pure pop on tracks like ‘California Sun’. The music may be radio-friendly, but has an undercurrent of unrest that marks the band apart.


With or without their Glasgow friends White, Baby Strange have always been a hot proposition live. With a headline tour about to start, these should be a must-see on your Autumn gig calendar.

Roxy G