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Darma: band profile

Darma are a three piece grunge fuzz band from Manchester. They come with enough attitude, volume and dour Northern humour to hit you right between the eyes; a triple whammy.

Only working with their current line-up since 2015, the band consists of Harry Corbett on vocals and lead guitar, Issac Whitehead on drums and Lloyd Whitehead on bass. With two fine EPs already released Darma are already aiming for the stars and might well reach them.

Their first EP, the self-titled Darma and the recently released Milk are only the beginning for these talented guys. They already have plans to release a full length album next year, no mean feat for a band who fund all their releases themselves.

Darma Live at Brink: Photo by Georgia Flynn

Some bands mellow as they develop, but Darma seem even louder and more vital with every release. There are some serous earworms on Milk including ‘Your’e Always Right‘ and title track ‘Milk‘. Add the excellent tracks from the first EP such as ‘What Are You Waiting For‘ and you can see the total quality of material the lads are producing from the word go. They also throw a loud, exciting stage presence to the mix. It is blindingly easy to see Darma’s potential. Get them while they’re hot.

Roxy G