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Roxy Agogo: band feature

Roxy Agogo

Roxy Agogo is the brainchild of Hamish Fingland, better known as guitarist and keyboard player with Glasgow band White.

Currently showing a resurgence in musical activity, Roxy Agogo first caused ripples on the Glasgow scene in 2014 with tracks like ‘When You Dress Up’ and ‘Crocodiles’.

He wrote the score for the indie Glasgow film ‘Waitress’ released in early 2015 then took a sabbatical from solo projects until earlier this year.

Hamish Fingland has been busy touring and recording with White pushing the pop-funk boundaries.

Almost unrecognisable from his time with folk band Kassidy, Hamish Fingland as Roxy Agogo is glam rock personified.

There is substance to the style, though. The music is as self assured and full bodied as the image.

There is a stark beauty to the electronic pop Hamish Fingland produces as Roxy Agogo.

The music is experimental but shows an appreciation of 80s electronica. It manages to be both fresh and nostalgic.

This is what pop music should be, not the bland sameness found on commercial radio stations.

It is bold.

It is vital.

Art house at it’s finest.

There is often an undercurrent of sexuality in the words, a claustrophobic spotlight on pleasures of the flesh.

The lyric ‘I want to taste the saliva at the corner of your mouth’ in ‘Supercloseups’ gives a sense of intimacy under the microscope.

Every caress dissected. Every touch described.


It is always fascinating to see the musical vision become a reality on stage.

With a band featuring members of Baby Strange and White, and creative input from Lucia Fontaine, these are shows worth catching.

Sadly for those not living in the North, most of the live activity centres round Hamish’s native Glasgow.

Perhaps if we pay enough attention to his work. he may be persuaded to stray a little further afield.