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Liverpool Psych Fest 2016

Liverpool Psych Fest 2016

My first experience of Liverpool Psych Fest was a little mixed. The music was varied and often fabulous, with some expected and unexpected treats. Known for my love of new bands, Deja Vega, Go!Zilla and Taman Shud all blew me away. I already loved Taman Shud through the unsavoury epiphany I went through in 2014 when I first heard the Trashmouth Records complilation ‘Thinking of Moving to Hastings‘. Go!Zilla were already a band I knew and was aching to see. Deja Vega were nothing more than a name to me, but they thrilled me with their stunning set.

Gwenno, La Luz, Guadalupe Plata were also well worth watching. Super Furry Animals, Acid Mothers Temple and too many more to mention made the festival a really special event.

Super Furry Animals big screen by Roxy Gillespie

The Moonlandingz were amazing and it was good to see that Lias Saoudi, aka Johnny Rocket, hasn’t stopped popping out to the bar at gigs. It was good to see him with Adrian Flannagan. Their set was incendiary, showing why all of the bands associated with the Fat Whites are so, so good. So few bands give crazy, wild performances that the fans remember for ever. They seem to be able to do it every time, for now, anyway. The stand-out performance of the festival for me.

Johnny Rocket with Roxy G in the background by Melanie Smith

Let’s get on to the mixed bit. Drinks tokens. It was my first experience of these, to be honest. It wasn’t a good one. I hope the organisers get enough complaints to scrap them next year. The only other thing was that, being a niche festival, a lot of the experimental music melded into one after a while. Fans of pure psychedelia probably loved it though, so I may be out of line.

Taman Shud at The Blade factory by Roxy Gillespie

Back on a more positive note, the visuals and virtual landscapes were amazing and a real addition to the event. Another plus was the amount of seating available both indoor and outdoor at the event. It gave the festival a cool vibe with everybody talking and getting together, especially around the eateries, which were also superb.

Gwenno screen shot by Roxy Gillespie

I might have loved the event more if I had been an ordinary punter but doing the whole thing sober was my loss. Working with Melanie Smith of Mudkiss Photography and staff photographer at Louder Than War was a treat as usual. It was also nice to meet photographer Andy Von Pip. Thanks be for good company and fine music with some excellent virtual adventures thrown in.

Roxy G