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Bat Bike: band profile

BAT-BIKE: band profile


BAT-BIKE produce such experimental and often humorous songs, it is hard to classify their music. Formed in Scotland in 2013, the band partially live in South-East London and often bring their hectic live show to the capital. One of the acts at Nestival in Deptford, they slammed the crowd with a frantically superb set at Deptford Vinyl, which I was lucky enough to catch. ┬áThe band continue to confound and delight with their chaotic charm and gutsy, fuzz-laden sound. There is a wonderful variety to their output, aided by a prolific number of self-released digital albums, as well as their excellent first album ‘Getting Back’ released by Trashmouth Records in January 2016.

From the hypnotic psychedelia and dead-pan humour of ‘Leicester Holiday’ through the blues fuzz of ‘Sean Lemon’ to the total gospel choir anthem ‘Getting Back’, the album is an amazing piece of work. It stands as one of my favourite albums of the year.

With part of the band living in one country, England, and part in Scotland, the logistics can be difficult, but their live shows are anarchic and a hell of a lot of fun. With such a lot of material to draw on the set is always a brilliantly crazy one-off. The music hangs together perfectly, like the ingredients in the famous shit-hot sauce cooked up by Bat-A; spicy and guaranteed to blow your socks off.

Also featured on the 2016 Trashmouth Records Album Day release and the compilation ‘Thinking of Moving to Hastings’, there are a lot of ways to obtain your own slice of surreal BAT-BIKE musical counter culture. This is a musical revolution you need to be part of.