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Already the darlings of the garage/ punk/ psych scene, Yak are doing very well for themselves. With a record deal on Jack White’s Third Man label and a highly thought of album, ‘Alas Salvation’, released this summer things seem pretty rosy for them.

With a variety of styles, ranging from the gentle psychedelia of ‘Please Don’t Wait For Me‘ and to the frantic, wild stampede of ‘Victorious‘, Yak are always worth listening to. Yak are known for their crazy live shows. Ollie Burslem  is more in the audience than on stage and a table full of Elliot Rawson’s broken drumsticks at the end of the night is not an unusual sight. Having stood next to the bass amp of Andy Jones at a recent Brighton gig, I can assure you the music can be felt as well as heard.

If you want to see the mayhem for yourselves, Yak tour this September. Your very own chance to make sure Ollie stays firmly where he is supposed to be –  playing some very fine guitar while crowd surfing above your head.

Roxy G

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